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JC Spiritual Strength


with Chris



Jennifer Foley

Over the last two years, my abilities have been awakened and developed with the passing of my husband, Christopher.  His passing was tragic, requiring lots of healing, trust, and forgiveness from both sides. Through this process we learned energy never dies and love continues. Our friends, partners and family in spirit continue to surround us in love and help us every day if we choose to be open to that help. 

I have a background in psychology as well as personal studies with the quantum field.

I am here to help those in need who seek support beyond or in addition to traditional therapy or counseling.

I discovered through a series of experiences and events that I can hear Chris along with other Spirits and loved ones.  Chris assists me with this process and our focus is primarily on helping couples reconnect. We want to show the bond is never broken, but rather it can be strengthened through trust in yourself and in spirit.

It has been a journey of heartbreak and epic amazement as I’ve learned how and why they communicate in the way they do. I can sense and feel their personalities.

My goal is to help heal as well as teach others what is possible.  The limits lie only within our mind. A name and photo help with this process to be able to focus on whom you wish to connect with. #ghostwiththemost

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